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Grilled Salmon Fillets

Salmon Fillets (skin on is fine)

Olive oil



Aluminum foil


Pat dry the fillets, to decrease moisture. NEVER rinse any fish off with water, it causes mushy fish. Place a sheet of foil on counter, crimping edges to hold in oil. Pour up to a table spoon of oil on foil for each fillet, Drag fillet in oil, then place it skin side down (if skin is on or off) on the foil. Top with a piece of foil, then fold over edges to hold the fish into a pocket. Place on grill outside, cooking medium heat for 7 minutes. Open foil and flake with spoon.

Salmon can be a bit on the under cooked side, as it will continue cooking in the foil as you transfer it to a serving dish or move it into the kitchen.