For more than 40 years, I have been enjoying cooking and fishing. Having learned a great deal from both my parents about cooking, camping and fishing, I'll share my insights, and lessons learned with you here on my website. I've been fortunate enough to travel often, and I have experiences to share that will help you often.   From cooking small dinners to big social events, I've learned skills in Maine, Maryland, Wyoming, Japan, Hawaii, Canada and Florida. For fishing, I"ll share my skills and secrets gathered from travels and fishing secret spots in Japan, Belize, Canada, Wyoming, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska. I love to share tips and recipes for delivering on my promise to provide unique meals that are both visually dynamic yet simple to prepare and support us to stay environmentally friendly. I  pride myself on never delivering anything less than perfection, and in trying my best to catch fish for dinner (all while having a good time, and meeting new people)!


As an award-winning leader, I bring passion and enthusiasm to every project I partake in. Take a look at my recipe gallery and experience the beauty of good food done well.

Putting in on Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Utah

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Blanchard River, Findlay Ohio