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Registered dietitian ~ nutritionist

I like to create effective, attention grabbing snacks and main meals that help engage family, and wow friends I meet on the road.  Come with me to create effective camping meal solutions, and I'll help you modify your family favorites to make a trusted recipe in a more healthy way. Just ask me!

I am highly skilled & creative with food, and educated in the science of cooking. Lets work together to create easy meals & food experiences that your family and friends will enjoy. Contact me to get new simple after- work/workout/activities meals that include all elements of healthy eating including balanced diet, low sugar, heart healthy, and delicious.

On Instagram and iOverland I share tips on places and plans for your trips. Go alone, like me, or with your friends and family. Whether you enjoy camping, space sharing, couch surfing, or road trips last minute when you sleep in the car, I'll give you great ideas to make your trip more fun, safe and memorable.


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